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3 Elements Of Your Home That Need To Be Removed & Replaced During A Chinese Drywall Remediation

Diego Rojas

If your home is outfitted with the toxic Chinese drywall building material, and you have elected to have total remediation performed, you will ultimately have to take out any contaminated materials and replace them. It can be a daunting process, but Chinese drywall remediation can go smoothly when you prepare yourself for what your contractor will have to do. The following items will be on the list of things needing replacement during the remediation process:

Electrical Components and Accessories

The problem with the toxic sulfuric emissions is that they do not just affect your health, they affect everything in the whole house. This includes any electrical outlets, wiring, fuse boxes, junction boxes, and any other electrical components that have been exposed to sulfuric gases. Even appliances like your oven, refrigerator, and washer and dryer (if they're located within areas containing the Chinese drywall) should be replaced or thoroughly rid of dust contaminants.

The reason behind replacing these parts is that the dust from the drywall will eventually completely rot away any wiring or other metal associated with your electrical components.

Air Conditioning and Heating Units and Accessories

Your air conditioning and heating system will need to be thoroughly cleaned or may have to be completely replaced in an extreme case. The remediation process will also include replacing all ducting and filter systems that are attached to your air conditioning and heating system.

Contaminants can enter into the ducts as well as any filtration system attached to your unit and be spread around the home, causing health problems like respiratory issues, headaches, and many other symptoms. When your contractor performs your Chinese drywall remediation, the air system will be completely rid of any dust and leftover contaminants that may get stuck.

All Chinese Drywall Pieces and Materials

It might be obvious that, during a remediation, all the Chinese drywall pieces and materials are required to be entirely removed from your home. However, the thing that most homeowners don't know is that your general contractor will be required to document each contaminated piece of drywall, appliance, electrical component, and any other material as they remove and replace them.

This is because certain companies that manufactured Chinese drywall have been called by the federal court to provide restitution for the faulty material. This fine would include your whole remediation. With the proper evidence documented, your remediation process will be that much easier to complete. Your new and nontoxic drywall will be installed as part of that restitution.

With your contractor to counsel you, your Chinese drywall remediation process will be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. In some cases, homes that have gone through the remediation process have come out even better than brand new. Contact a company like Mustang Builders Inc for more information.


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