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How To Keep Your Concrete In Great Condition

Diego Rojas

Your concrete patio and steps can take a beating as the seasons change if you are not careful. Because of this, you need to follow some tips that will keep them safe and protected. These three tips will help you make your concrete patio or steps last through harsh weather and the natural aging process. To learn what you can do, read below.

Seal your concrete

When you get your concrete sealed, it will block out dirt and be easier to clean. Doing this will also protect the concrete from the sun and keep out oil and grease, while also maintaining the overall color of the concrete. You should constantly assess the performance of your sealer so that you know when it is time to re-coat it. Don't count on your sealer to do it all -- make sure that you are still constantly sweeping and cleaning the concrete to be sure that it stays in the best condition.

Make sure that your concrete stays cool in the summer months

Concrete gets incredibly hot in the summer time, so you need to do your best to keep it cool. Otherwise, the heat and Ultraviolet rays from the sun can strip away the color and cause your concrete to fade. One thing you can do is buy a patio umbrella or install a gazebo. This will create an excellent amount of shade in order to keep the concrete as cool as possible. You can also paint the concrete to a lighter color so that it does not attract as much sunlight as darker colors. There are also some outdoor rugs that you can purchase that will go a long way toward keeping your concrete cool and at a consistently even temperature.

Keep the patio clean

You need to be sure that you are constantly getting rid of dirt and debris that builds up on your patio. You can do this by routinely sweeping it with a push broom, being careful to also get rid of any debris that has slipped into the cracks. To take the cleaning a step deeper, throw on some rubber gloves and safety goggles and pressure wash the concrete using a medium blast. After pressure washing the concrete, you can grab a brush and some detergent to spot-treat trouble areas.

These tips will be useful in order to keep your concrete patio or steps in the best condition. Visit to learn more.


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