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Choosing My Contractor

Fix Your Wrought Iron Railing & Get Rid Of The Rust

Diego Rojas

If the wrought iron railing on your deck has become rusted, you can fix and repair your railing with access to a few basic construction tools.


You are going to need access to a variety of different supplies to complete this job. You will need a pointed trowel, hydraulic cement, water, bucket, duct tape, pop rivets, metal bonding adhesive, metal primer, drill with a masonry bit, hammer and a reciprocating saw with a metal cutting blade.

If you don't know how to use a reciprocating saw or a drill, you may want to find someone to assist you with this project.

Take Off The Rusted Rails

First, you need to take off the hand rails that are rusted from your overall railing. If the railing is extremely degraded, put on some gloves and bend the railing back and forth until it breaks off. If the railing is not that degraded or flexible, you are going to need to cut off the rusted wrought iron railing. Before you turn on the saw, put on some protective eyewear, a mask, and gloves. Then, turn on the reciprocating saw and cut the railing off as close as you possibly can to the bottom of the railing.

If there is any section of rusted railing that you are not able to cut off, you can drill and chip away at it with your masonry bit. You want to remove the damaged railing all the way until you hit the good section of railing.

Measure The Railing

When you have removed all the damaged railing, measure the railings that you cut off so that you can purchase the right length of metal to replace them with. You may want to add an extra inch to each measurement to give yourself room to work with.

Attach New Hand Railing

When replacing the new railing, you are going to want to lay the railing out and spray metal primer onto the new railing. After you apply the metal primer, you are going to want to spray bonding adhesive onto the ends of the railing to help hold the railing in place. Take the railing and use the bonding adhesive to secure it in place. You may want to wrap some tape around the railing to help hold it in place while it dries.

Attach New Railing Legs

If you have to cut off railing legs and not the just hand rail, you are going to want to use the same process as you did for the hand railing. First, apply primer and then adhesive bonding. To place the railing leg into the hole of the railing you are going to want to mix up some hydraulic cement. To create hydraulic cement, you only need to mix it inside of a bucket with some water. Put the cement into the leg area and then push the handrail into place. 


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