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Choosing My Contractor

The Benefits of Concrete Block Construction for Your New Home

Diego Rojas

If you're thinking about building a new house, consider talking to your contractor about the benefits of concrete construction. While a concrete block house might cost a little more to build, you may get the money back over the life of the house in the form of energy savings and reduced maintenance. Here are a few reasons why concrete block construction might be a good choice for your new home.

Concrete Blocks Make the Home Sturdy

Concrete block homes are popular in hurricane-prone areas because they stand up to strong winds. Even in regions where hurricanes are rare or nonexistent, storms are unpredictable. You never know when a bad one will blow through your area no matter where you live. Having a home made of concrete block rather than wood gives you added peace of mind that your family will be protected during high winds. Concrete offers added protection against flying debris, and it makes your home sturdy and secure.

Concrete Resists Insect and Rodent Damage

Concrete is an excellent building material because it resists damage in many ways. Termites and other bugs won't damage the concrete blocks, and concrete isn't destroyed by rats in the same way that wood and other materials are. That doesn't mean your home will never have pests, because your home will still have some wood in it to complete the building process. But by having concrete walls, the structure of your home will have added protection against decay and damage from pests.

Concrete Blocks Are Energy Efficient

A well-built concrete block home will have tight seams, and the home will be sealed well. As long as the windows, doors, and other parts of the home are sealed and well-insulated, then your energy bills could be lower if you use concrete as a building material. New construction homes often use insulated concrete forms that provide further insulation. These have insulated panels on the exterior and interior sides of the concrete to provide excellent insulation and sound control for your home.

Concrete Block Homes Are Attractive

Modern concrete block homes can take on a variety of appearances. If you don't like the appearance of block homes built in the fifties that show blocks stacked on top of each other, you can choose to cover the outside of the blocks with stucco for a smoother appearance. You can even buy concrete blocks that are stained with a color of your choice or that have different textures that give your home a unique appearance. Plus, you can paint concrete any color you like and repaint when you want a new look.

There are several benefits to building your home with concrete blocks no matter what kind of climate your home will be located in. Plus, the outward appearance can be designed to resemble a wood home, which makes concrete construction suitable for all neighborhoods and architectural styles.


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