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Choosing My Contractor

How to Design the Perfect Paddocks for Your Horses

Diego Rojas

It's very important to confine your horse to a paddock. This provides your pasture with time to rejuvenate. Because of the importance of paddocks, you must put careful thought into how your paddocks will be designed. With the right paddocks, your horses will not only be healthier, but your job taking care of them will be much easier.

Plan the Layout of Your Paddocks Early On

The best time to plan out your paddocks is when you are determining the layout of your property in the first place. You will want to place buildings on high ground and you will want to place the paddocks on slopes. The gates, feeding areas, and loafing sheds need to be placed at the highest points. Make sure that you have a two to five percent grade so that you will have adequate drainage.

You will also need to determine what you will use your paddock for. If you simply need the paddocks so your horses will have a place where they can stretch their legs, they will not need as much space as when you will be using the paddocks for heavier purposes. When designing the paddocks, make sure to follow the layout of the land. You do not have to restrict yourself to rectangular buildings even if they are the easiest to maintain.

Use Paddocks to Meet the Needs of Your Horses

When your horses are provided with individual paddocks, you can prevent horses from being aggressive toward each other while simultaneously allowing them to socialize. However, you will want to make sure that you give your horses enough space.

This begins by running the numbers to find out how many paddocks you will need. You will also need to take into consideration whether or not you will be relying only on grass to provide your horses with sustenance. 

Keep Your Horses Healthy

When using a paddock, it's easier to control your horse's feed intake. You will also have an easier time monitoring your horse's health. Plus, your horse will be healthier because he or she will be able to access areas that will provide him or her with more shelter.

Because of these benefits, you will want to make sure that your paddocks are designed with enough space so your horses can move around and be healthy. Also, you will want to carefully place your gutters and downspouts to help keep your horse healthy. Your property might be exposed to a considerable amount of rain, which can lead to your property being very muddy, which can be bad for your horses. For more information about horse paddocks, contact a company like Olympia Footing.


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