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Choosing My Contractor

Three Advantages Of Awning Windows

Diego Rojas

Awning windows are an alternative type of window for your home that open in much the same way as awnings do, tilting their bottom edge outwards. They are usually installed on the upper level of your home, or higher up on exterior walls. Their unique method of opening and closing and their distinctive location of installation gives awning windows a few key benefits. Knowing just what awning windows have to offer can help you decide if they are the right choice for your window replacement needs.

Open at All Times

One of the largest benefits associated with choosing to install awning windows over other types of windows in your home is the fact that you can leave your windows open no matter the weather outside. Since awning windows open outwards from the bottom of the window only, there is no risk of a leak developing, allowing you to keep your windows open during a rainstorm without having to worry about water leaking into your home. This is a massive advantage for homes that live in tropical areas, as you can maintain air circulation without having to worry about potential water damage during summer storms.

Improved Air Flow

Beyond the improved circulation that keeping awning windows open during a storm can facilitate, their location higher up on your walls can also allow for hot air that would otherwise get trapped against the ceiling to flow out of your home easier. This can help keep your home cool during the summer months, and allows for more comprehensive circulation throughout your entire property when used in conjunction with windows located at floor level.

Improved Security

Finally, one last thing to note about awning windows is that they are extremely secure. Since they are usually installed at the highest possible point on a wall, they are usually well above eye-level, which means that a ladder is needed to access them directly. This can greatly improve the security of your home, as even if left unlocked it is unlikely that burglars will be able to reach your windows. Furthermore, as awning windows only open outwards, there is no handle or leverage that can be used to enter your home through them, short of breaking the window entirely. This means that having awning windows installed in a specific area instead of another type of window, such as a sliding window, can improve the overall security of your home.

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