Choosing My Contractor

Choosing My Contractor

Planning To Paint Your Home? 3 Exterior Painting Tips

Diego Rojas

There are many ways to upgrade your home, but one of the quickest and easiest upgrades out there is a new coat of paint. Exterior painting is an excellent way to modernize and improve the appearance of your home. While exterior painting seems straightforward, there are a few things you need to know before picking up a paintbrush. Here are three tips that will ensure that your home's exterior paint looks great. 

A Good Canvas Is Necessary

If you have rotten siding, peeling and chipping paint, or other issues with your home's exterior, you have a lot of work to do before the painting begins. Paint will not stick to dirt, debris, or damaged areas. Not preparing your home for exterior painting can be disastrous. A brand new coat of paint can magnify any flaws in your home's exterior, so don't skip the prep work. Taking the time to prepare your home and repair its exterior before any painting beings is crucial for an attractive outcome.

Quality Paint Goes A Long Way

Another thing that will ensure your new exterior paint looks good is quality paint. Selecting paint that is right for your home's outer surface is vital. The right paint for your home will depend on whether your home's exterior is made of stucco, siding, or brick. In addition, you want to select an exterior paint that will bond well to the surface you are painting. High-quality exterior paints will last between 5 and 10 years. Low-quality paint, however, may start to chip and peel much sooner. 

Professional Application Makes A Difference

If you want a high-quality exterior paint job for your home, you may want to skip doing it yourself. While you may believe that you can tackle painting your home on your own, using professional exterior painting services can make a world of difference in the result. This is because the professionals know what paint will work best for your home and have superior painting techniques and the best equipment for the job. On average, you can expect to pay between $1,764 and $4,331 for professional exterior painting. 

If you are planning to paint your home's exterior, a few tips can help. First, a smooth canvas is essential, so don't skip out on prepping before painting. Second, high-quality exterior paint also makes a significant difference when it comes to how long your exterior paint lasts. Finally, if you are on the fence about professional paint services, they are your best option if you want superior results. 

Contact an exterior painting service for more information. 


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