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Top 4 Crucial Warning Indicators That Your Windows Need To Be Replaced

Diego Rojas

Ideal residential windows that are expertly installed save energy and improve the curb appeal. On the flip side, worn-out and old windows aren't just a security concern but can make your home uncomfortable. For this reason, you should watch out for signs of deterioration and schedule a replacement when necessary. Here are a few signs to watch out for.

The Weather-Stripping On Your Window Has Begun To Deteriorate

If you notice that the weather-stripping on your window is missing or has started to deteriorate, you should consider replacing the window. The stripping ensures that water or moisture from outside doesn't penetrate your window opening. In other words, it safeguards your valuable possessions from water and moisture damage. 

There's Condensation on Your Window

When condensation forms inside your window, it indicates that the windows are leaking air. This can only happen when the air-tight seals are compromised. It also means that the insulating gas that makes your window energy-efficient has escaped. So, on the first sign of condensation on your windows, speak to an experienced window professional and discuss a replacement.

The Window Shows Signs of Damage

Signs of damage to your window signal a need for replacement. If you don't take quick action, the damage could worsen over time and become a safety hazard. In addition, it's easier for intruders to enter your home through run-down windows. Besides that, such windows encourage water and moisture seepage, leading to mold growth. To ensure that your family is safe and comfortable, replace a broken window when you notice signs of damage.

There Is an Unexplained Rise in Your Energy Bill

During the cold season, touch your window to see whether it's warm like the other parts of your home. If the windowpane isn't warm even when the heater is on, heated air likely cools before reaching your window. To test whether your window has issues, hold a burning candle on all the corners of your window. Any flicker is an indication that there's a draft coming from the window. This means that your heating unit is working harder than usual to keep your home comfortable, which explains the spike in your electricity costs.

One of the important factors to remember when replacing your window is timing. While it's easy to assume minor issues such as a small crack in the window, delaying replacement can be costly. So, take note of the signs mentioned above and speak to a window replacement expert as soon as you can. 

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