Choosing My Contractor

Choosing My Contractor

3 Types of Patio Rock That Make It Easy to Build Your Own Patio

Diego Rojas

If you want a patio with a different look from a concrete slab, or if you want something easier to install than concrete, consider using patio rock. There are different choices based on the look you like best. Three options include pea gravel, river rock, and flagstone. Here's how they compare.

Pea Gravel Is Small

Pea gravel makes an attractive patio since the rocks are small and blend together. The rocks also have rounded edges, so they are more comfortable to walk on than jagged rocks. Plus, this type of patio rock is easy to install since all you have to do is dump the rocks in place and spread them around.

No matter what type of patio rock you use, you'll need to create the base of your patio by removing grass, leveling the dirt, and compacting the area. It's also important to use landscaping underlayment so weeds won't grow up through the rocks. Then, rocks are spread over the top of the underlayment and held in place with edging or some type of border.

River Rocks Come in Different Colors

River rocks are larger than pea gravel, but they are also rounded rocks with smooth edges. You can usually walk comfortably on river rocks too. These rocks have an attractive appearance, and they come in different earth colors. You can buy polished or natural river rocks depending on your preferences.

Just like pea gravel, river rocks are dumped and spread around your patio area. You can usually have bulk patio rocks delivered to your property so you don't have to haul large amounts of rocks in your trunk to get them home. Since these rocks are larger than pea gravel, you may need a taller and stronger border around your patio to keep the rocks in place.

Flagstone Makes a Beautiful Patio

Flagstone rocks are more like stepping stones. The rocks are large and have irregular shapes. They are comfortable to walk on since the rocks are large enough that you can step on the smooth surface. Flagstone is more difficult to work with, but you may prefer the way it looks for use as a patio.

You'll need to prepare the base as usual, then place the stones in the pattern you like so the stones cover your patio. You may want to lay the stones out in your yard so you can plan the design first. That way you won't end up with all the small pieces in one section of your patio.

These patio rocks don't rest against each other like pavers do since they have irregular shapes and borders. This leaves a little space between the stones and makes installing them much easier.


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