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Choosing My Contractor

When Is It Time to Seek Chimney Sweeping Services? 4 Common Signs You Should Not Ignore

Diego Rojas

During the cold season, the fireplace helps to keep your home warm. The chimney helps redirect smoke out of the house as you use your fireplace, ensuring a clean indoor atmosphere. Unfortunately, the longer you continue using your fireplace, the dirtier the chimney tends to become. So, how do you deal with the buildup of soot in the chimney? Chimney sweeping goes a long way toward maintaining a clean and safe fireplace. The following are signs you need to seek chimney sweeping services.

1. Unpleasant Odors

When your fireplace is not in use, you might notice bad odors from the fireplace. These smells are a result of soot and creosote buildup in the chimney. Besides producing bad odors, byproducts of burning wood can stick to the chimney's walls and start fires. However, the chimney sweepers will inspect the entire structure, remove the buildup, and minimize the risks of fire accidents.

2. Smoke Accumulation in the House

As highlighted above, the longer you use your fireplace, the more soot and debris accumulates and sticks to the chimney walls. Over time, the pathway in the chimney becomes narrower. As a result, smoke produced after lighting a fire may struggle to make its way out of the house. Therefore, you'll notice smoke buildup in the house, which can affect your experience. Exposure to smoke can also cause respiratory problems such as coughing. It may also cause eye irritation. Therefore, consider calling relevant professionals to sweep the chimney and improve comfort.

3. Poorly Igniting Fires

Does it take longer to start a fire and sustain it? If yes, it might be time to sweep the chimney. Your fireplace requires oxygen to light up and sustain a fire. Unfortunately, clogged chimneys restrict airflow, which explains why it may be harder to light up fires.   

4. Critters and Nests in the Chimney

If you use your fireplace only during the cold seasons, there is a chance that animals like squirrels and birds may have set their nests in the chimney. During the warm seasons, dirty chimneys create excellent breeding and nesting spots.

Unfortunately, these nests can start a fire. During your yearly home maintenance, consider adding chimney sweeping to your list. The professionals will inspect the chimney for nests and animals and clean the dirt to ensure your home is safe.

Chimney sweeping helps prevent fire outbreaks, enhances your home's appearance, and keeps the indoor air clean. If you have noticed these signs, consider contacting professionals for cleaning and inspection.


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