Choosing My Contractor

Choosing My Contractor

Building A Home Theater? Don't Make These 4 Mistakes

Diego Rojas

Have you always wanted a home theater at your house and have finally decided to do it? If so, you'll want to make sure you avoid making any of the following mistakes.

Mistake 1: Placing The TV Too High

When you are picking the spot where you are mounting a TV on a wall, it's easy to make the mistake of looking at it from your eye level when standing up. It won't be until you sit down that you realize that the TV is too high and now you need to fix it. This can also happen if you decide to mount a TV above a fireplace. Always make sure that the TV is at eye level of where you'll be sitting the most since you'll avoid unnecessary neck strain.

If you do have to mount the TV above a fireplace, consider getting a special fireplace TV mount to get the job done. The mounts allow the TV to move downward when you use them to put the TV in the perfect position. 

Mistake 2: Placing The Speakers In The Wall

Want a seamless look where the speakers are hidden behind a mesh screen in the wall? This may look cool, but not the most practical option if you want great sound. That's because speakers must be able to aim towards your seat so that the sound travels directly to you. Placing speakers in a wall not only causes sound to reverberate off the compartment the speaker is placed in but often causes the sound to be projected outward instead of toward you. 

Mistake 3: Forgetting Sound Dampening Material

Another way to not get the intended sound out of your speakers is to not use sound-dampening material. This could include foam panels around your room that will prevent the sound from bouncing in an unintended direction. In addition, you are definitely going to want to find a way to cover up the windows so that the sound does not reflect off the glass. A thick curtain is going to act as a fabric barrier to prevent potential issues.

Mistake 4: Using The Wrong Paint Color

You may think that the paint color of your room does not matter because the lights will be off. However, a good home theater is going to use a dark color with a flat finish. Anything that is light colored or glossy is going to cause light to reflect off the walls and back at the screen.

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