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Indicators You Need Asbestos Removal In Your Residence

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Chances are, you have heard about the dangers of asbestos: a common construction material in the 1900s. That said, today, what was once a crucial mineral, poses a huge health risk and can increase the risk of lung cancer, among other illnesses. As such, given the dangerous fibers and how easily they break apart due to aging, you need an expert to get rid of the dangerous mineral in your residence. Here are indicators you need to call in the experts for asbestos removal.

You Own an Old House

In many cases, houses built before the 1980s contain dangerous asbestos. Usually, it was common during these years, given its ability to strengthen construction materials. In addition, it is common in pipes and HVAC ductwork, given the unique insulation properties.

That said, you must know that the same piping fixtures and heating equipment can suffer deterioration over time. When that happens, harmful fibers circulate in your home, leading to health-related risks. In that regard, you should hire an expert to eliminate asbestos in your old fittings to avoid harmful health effects.

You Are Experiencing Physical Symptoms Following Exposure

As mentioned earlier, asbestos can cause respiratory health issues after prolonged exposure. As such, you might experience some physical symptoms like chest pain, a consistent cough, and difficulty breathing. If left untreated, these symptoms could contribute to severe lung conditions and cancer.

With this in mind, if you experience these symptoms, hiring professionals to inspect your home for asbestos is vital. They will remove the material and clean it up to restore healthy indoor air quality.

You Can Spot Visible Damage on Materials That Contain the Harmful Mineral

You will likely spot asbestos in materials such as vinyl floor tiles, paint, siding, and window caulking. In some cases, you might notice water damage in some sections of your house. Additionally, your tiles could have abrasions or cracks when in poor condition. 

You should know that such damage can emit poisonous fibers into the air and harm your health. In this situation, you must hire a professional to remove this material immediately.

You Have Upcoming Renovations  

You might need asbestos removal services if you plan to renovate an older home. This is because such a project may require drilling, scraping, and sawing, which can release asbestos substances. As such, before you renovate your older home, experts should review and test your space for this material.

Common areas they will check for asbestos include your roof, floors, attic, and windows. If present, specialists will eliminate asbestos from your house to guarantee a safe remodel. That way, you, your loved ones, and your contractors can be safe from asbestos poisoning.

The above are indicators you need asbestos removal in your residence. In such cases, removal experts will first test for the harmful mineral in your home. Afterward, they will safely remove and dispose of the material to restore a healthy home.

Contact a local asbestos removal company, such as Asbestos Inspections Inc. DBA Capital Abatement, to learn more. 


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