Choosing My Contractor

Choosing My Contractor

Own A Commercial Building? Use Spray Foam Installation

Diego Rojas

If you own a commercial building, it must be insulated well. One type of insulation that you should consider is spray foam installation. Below is information on how this is installed, as well as the benefits of choosing this type. 

Spray Foam Installation

Spray foam installation is made of chemicals much different than traditional installation. It not only provides great insulation but is also a moisture and air barrier. Spray foam insulation can also be used to seal areas where air is getting through. It is often used in walls, attics, crawl spaces, and more. 

The contractor first mixes two chemicals to create the spray foam. They then put the foam in a sprayer and spray it into the opening that is being insulated. As the foam is sprayed it immediately expands so the entire space is filled. Once it expands the insulation hardens so it stays in place.  

You will need to stay out of the building for a certain amount of time, which the contractor can tell you about. This is because there will be harmful gas chemicals in the air during the curing process. This gas will go away on its own so the building will be safe. 

Spray Foam Insulation Benefits

One of the main benefits of spray foam insulation is it can save you money. This is because your walls, attic, crawlspace, etc. are well sealed with insulation so no air gets in or out of your building. This means your HVAC system will run less so your monthly utility bills will lower. This also puts less stress on the HVAC unit so you will not have to worry about replacing it soon or having it repaired. Because the spray foam fills in the entire space, every nook and cranny is insulated. 

Because spray foam installation is much easier to install, you will not have to keep your business shut down as long to install the installation. The contractor will also charge you fewer labor charges as they can do the job much faster.  

Spray foam installation will also keep your employees much more comfortable inside your building. You know when you set the temperature to a certain temperature your interior will stay at this setting. You will not have cold or hot spots in the building. 

Make sure the contractor you hire has experience installing spray foam installation to ensure it is done correctly.  

For more information about commercial foam insulation, contact a local company. 


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