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The 3 Categories Of Interior Residential Water Damage

Diego Rojas

When it comes to residential interior water damage, there's a big difference between the damage caused by clean water from a burst pipe and contaminated blackwater from storm flooding. Clean water damage is annoying, but stormwater damage is a health hazard for your family and pets.

There are actually three categories of home-damaging water:

  • Category 1 - clean water damage
  • Category 2 - greywater damage
  • Category 3 - blackwater damage

Before any plans can be made to remediate residential water damage, you must know which damage your structure has been subjected to. 

Here is some information on each of the three water damage categories.

Category 1 - Clean Water Damage

Clean water damage is caused by water that is known to be clean and free of contamination that could be harmful to humans and animals. 

Familiar sources of clean water damage include:

  • Ruptured water pipes
  • Leaking water pipes
  • Stormwater roofing leaks

Although clean water can promote the growth of mold and mildew, which are health hazards, category one damage does not require any special care from a licensed damage contractor as long as you clean it up within a day or two. If the damage is minor and you can fix it as a DIY project in this timeframe, you can do so knowing your family will be safe.

Category 2 - Greywater Damage

Greywater is wastewater containing some contaminates that could make you ill, but it does not have fecal matter. 

Familiar sources of greywater water damage include:

  • Overflowing showers and bathtubs
  • Dishwasher and sink leaks 
  • Washing machine leaks

Greywater threatens your family because it contains various bacteria and other contaminants. Greywater flooding requires wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) during the cleanup and remediation process and is best completed by a licensed storm damage restoration contractor.

Category 3 - Blackwater Damage

Blackwater is wastewater containing human fecal matter and other contamination harmful to the health of people and animals. 

Familiar sources of blackwater damage include:

  • Broken or damaged sewage pipes
  • Flooded septic tanks
  • Overflowing toilets

Another common source of blackwater damage is stormwaters. Whether the stormwater is from a storm surge or localized flooding due to community sewer overloading, stormwaters contain not only fecal matter, but also hazardous chemicals and all sorts of other nasty things you don't want to come into contact with.

Blackwater cleanup and remediation require a professional water damage contractor. It is never a DIY job because if it isn't done thoroughly and correctly, someone could become ill. Reach out to a storm damage restoration contractor near you to learn more.


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