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How A Roofing Contractor Makes Roof Repairs After A Storm

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If your asphalt shingle roof was damaged in a storm, your insurance company may approve a roof replacement. When that's the case, your roofing contractor may work directly with the insurance company to get approval for the work and collect the money. You'll probably still need to pay your deductible amount to the roofing company, and you may need to work out payments if you have a large deductible. Here's a look at getting roof repairs after a storm.

A Roofer Inspects The Damage

If you have severe damage, such as a tree through your roof, you know the situation you're facing. However, other damage isn't so obvious. For instance, hail can ruin an asphalt shingle roof, but the damage may not look that bad. Hail hits the shingles and makes dents or bruises that can crack the shingles. This could lead to roof leaks later on, so your insurance company may pay for a new roof rather than pay for repairs only when the damage is widespread.

The Roofing Contractor Arranges The Work Date

Work might not begin immediately on your roof since the roofer needs to order supplies. Your insurance will probably pay for comparable roofing, so you may not be able to upgrade your shingles or switch to metal roofing unless you want to pay the extra cost yourself. When the roofer gets approval on your new roof, they'll order supplies and give you an expected start date for the work.

A Temporary Solution May Be Needed

If you have a hole in your roof from an impact, the roofer may put a tarp over the area to keep rain out. A roof tarp will prevent water damage temporarily, but you'll still need to replace your roof as soon as possible. If there are heavy limbs on your roof, you'll need a tree service to remove those before the roofing contractor can begin your roof replacement.

The Roof Replacement Is Done

Replacing a roof after storm damage is like getting any other type of replacement. The roofer takes off the damaged shingles and tosses them in a dumpster. If the flashing has hail damage, it will be replaced too. Once those materials are off the roof, the roofing contractor can inspect the plywood deck for damage.

When it's time to put new materials on, the roofer starts by adding underlayment to the plywood and then covers that with rows of shingles. Work may not progress as quickly when roofing contractors are booked solid after a bad storm hits your area, but the roofer makes sure your home is protected from rain until the work is complete.

To learn more information, reach out to a roofing contractor near you.


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